To search for texts dated BC, enter the year or span of years preceded by ‘-‘. E.g., to find all papyri dated to 234 BC, enter -234 in the Year box. In order to find texts from between 234 and 220 enter -234 in the Not Before box and -220 in the Not After box.

Provenance: to find the maximum number of corresponding images, type only the first few letters of a given place name. For example, enter Oxy instead of Oxyrhynchus in order to find Oxyrhynchus, Oxyrhynchites, and Oxyrhynchos.

Keywords: currently only keyword searches in German are supported. Thus, if you would like to see dated hands in contracts, enter “Vertrag” in this box.

Titles or parts of titles should be entered in the language of the original publication (Fragment of a Petition or Quittance de remboursement du prêt de blé).